Since the day we started back in 2017, YOUKNOW. Clothing has been built bit-by-bit with the help of friends, whanau and most importantly our wider community. The brand couldn’t have started more organically even if we tried.

We just used to say “You know!” as a term of endearment. Kind of like “you know, I got you…”. It was such a catchy phrase, we thought why not put it on a t-shirt? BOOM! “YOUKNOW. Clothing” is born.

Since those first plain black t-shirts, we’ve always tried to staytrue to ourselves. Getting our friends and whanau to model, the super creatives to take the photos & even parents to help pick and pack orders.

Since then, we have grown and turned this passion project into a reality. We are on a mission to become a household name in fashion in Aotearoa.

Confident, Comfortable & Community Driven Since 2017.